Friday, June 26, 2009

Road Thoughts - Visible Metrics

I've been thinking about the use of metrics a lot lately, as well as a project that I think could be useful when grouped with some other ideas for community self-regulation. We've had discussion on the software craftsmanship google group about it, so I thought I would stop by the side of the road and do a video about my thoughts on it. Plus, bonus dogs!

I'm using my new camera to record this instead of the flip, as I think I will have better luck with the sound. It seems like it works pretty well.

I think this is the longest road thoughts that I've done, so I apologize for the 18-minute length. I was going to edit stuff out, but, well, that's a lot of work. I think I just talked more slowly.

If you have comments, feel free to post them here, but it might be more effective to reply on the software craftsmanship list to this thread, so everyone can take part.

Update: Matt Heusser has an overview/response to the ideas. It is encouraging to see he gets the gist of what I'm talking about. :)