Friday, August 14, 2009

Listen to me on Deep Fried Bytes

Back in May, when I was on the first night of the first week of the big 3-month summer tour, I sat on the porch of Gustin Prudner's house in Floyd, VA, and had a great skype conversation with Keith Elder and Chris Woodruff for their podcast, DeepFriedBytes.

Keith and I met at the 2008 Lansing Day of DotNet, where I gave an introductory talk on Rails, filling in for another speaker who had an emergency come up. I met Keith in the speakers' lounge, and, somehow or another, we immediately dove into a conversation on why comments are bad. He wasn't buying into my sweeping generalization that all comments are bad, but we (and other people) continued the conversation for another year, until we finally found the time to record a conversation for their podcast, DeepFriedBytes.

The conversation was very enjoyable, talking about commenting, software craftsmanship, pair-programming and other topics. Enjoy!