Monday, September 21, 2009

Practice Features for Conway's Game of Life

At the Chicago Code Retreat last Saturday, I asked whether it would be helpful for people to have a set of Cucumber features for Conway's Game of Life. There seemed to be a general consensus that this would be a handy thing to have, so I've built them and put them up on github.

I created features for the basic rules of cell evolution, and I am adding features for some common multi-cell patterns.

I haven't added an step definitions, yet, although I expect to create a few that can be used to drive your development. Thanks to Aslak and the cucumber team's tireless efforts to get cucumber working for different languages than Ruby, you should be able to use these features to drive development in your favorite language.

Cucumber Features for Conway's Game of Life

I've put instructions in the readme for how to contribute your own features.