Monday, February 15, 2010

Please Help - CodeRetreat Tour Videos

Dan Benjamin of is going to help me out. Thanks to everyone who has contacted me to see if they can help. It is really flattering when the community out there is interested in helping.

I'll let everyone know how it goes, and I'll be writing up a guide when I'm finished.

As I'm traveling around this year on the coreyhaines coderetreat tour 2010, I'll be doing video interviews with people I meet. These will be very similar to the videos that I did during the 2008/2009 pair-programming tour. Already, I have an interview with Gary Bernhardt about the testing cultures in Ruby and Python, as well as several videos with J.B. Rainsberger, talking about such topics as primitive obsession, why inheritance is bad, value types and other random things. And these are just during the first two code retreats!

During the previous tour, I simply put the videos up here on the blog, embedded via vimeo. Throughout the year, people were always asking for a podcast format, providing both an audio and a video component, so people could listen in the car, working out, while knitting, etc. I agree this is a great idea, but I haven't taken the time to really figure out how to do it. People tell me it is easy these days, but I'm currently at the ignorant end of 'everything is easy once you have someone show you how to do it.' As an example, the current 15-minute video that I'm trying to upload rendered out at 835M! That takes hours to upload. I don't know what compression I'm not setting that causes this. I'm a sad panda.

I'm putting out a request for help. I know there are a lot of people out there who have successful podcasts with audio and video parts. I'm hoping that someone will be willing to take a few hours over the next week, or so, to help me set up my environment to do this effectively. My video editing needs are small, as I intentionally leave the videos with little editing, focusing more on the impromptu, conversational aspects of the interview.

Here are the main things I don't know how to do effectively or at all:
  • Render a video (with iMovie or Quicktime) that is good quality and small enough to upload without taking what feels like a million hours;
  • Effectively strip out the audio from the movie;
  • Set up a podcast for the audio version;
  • Set up a podcast for the video version;
  • Get podcasts into iTunes;
  • Create a process for effectively updating the podcasts;
  • Anything else I should know how to do.
Wow, I sure don't ask for a lot.

I am looking for someone who would volunteer their time to help me do all this. Once I know how to do all these steps, I can do them going forward; I would rather have someone teach me how to do this, rather than continue to stumble around.

As a way to say thank you, I will do two things:
  • Credit you as a the person who helped me figure all this out;
  • Write a guide / do a screencast on how we did it, so others can have the step-by-step instructions.
Note: I'm on a mac, so experience on that platform/toolset would be necessary. I currently have iMovie, Quicktime Pro and Camtasia.

If you can help me, please email me at I'd like to get all this done over the next week, so I can start pushing these videos up.

Thanks in advance.