Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learn To Type Week - Day 4

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So, Day 4! How quickly time flies when you are typing, eh?

This week has been amazing. I've talked to people who are taking the time to unlearning years-learned techniques in the effort to improve their typing skills. Others already type from home row, but they realized they don't have a good feel for the number/symbol row. More people are discovering "Learn To Type Week" and starting at the beginning. And, of course, there is the racing. It is a blast to sit and let my fingers fly around the keyboard, totally balls-out.

Speaking of, Eden Development realized a video of two of their people, Tom Crayford and Aimee Daniells racing. (@t_crayford and @sermoa) Hilarious! Go watch what 90-100+ wpm fingers look like.

So, my advice for today is about the same: continue the path you've started. Watch the #learn2typewk search on twitter, so you can keep up with the others who are doing it. As a community, we can keep ourselves motivated in our practice. A great way you could practice what you've learned so far is to write a halfway-mark blog post about your experiences. In our day-to-day lives, we rarely do transcription, instead we are typing while producing. Writing a blog post will allow you the opportunity to apply what you've done these past days to a more real-world situation. And, as a bonus, it will spread the word.

See you on the #learn2typewk racetrack! If you want to send the racetrack link to others, you can use the shortened url: