Saturday, January 17, 2009

Upcoming Tour - Michigan

Just a heads-up on an upcoming, short tour in Michigan.

I will be kicking off the tour at the Microsoft MSDN DevCon conference on January 22nd in Detroit. I guess this isn't officially a part of the journeyman tour, but I will be using the opportunity there to talk to people about post-apprenticeship activities and continuous improvement. While I'm there, I'll also be doing some interviews for the "How I Got Started In Programming" video series.

The next day, Friday, Patrick Wilson-Welsh (blog) is hosting me in Ann Arbor. Saturday, January 23rd, I will be attending the Ann Arbor Code Retreat, which should be a lot of fun.

Thanks to the organizational prowess and support for the journeyman tour idea of Jeff McWherter, I will be spending the week of January 26th through the 29th in Lansing, MI. I'm very appreciative for the effort that Jeff has put into coordinating my week there. He has been talking to some of the companies in the area that are interested in having me in. As a hint of how cool Jeff is, his title at work is "Director of Simplicity." Fantastic.

While I have to make it back to Cleveland for the following weekend (talking at a local company's user group), I'm hoping to be able to make it back to Ann Arbor for a couple days before heading to Florida (announcement on that coming soon).

I really look forward to meeting people through this short stint on the road, as well as capturing a lot of ideas to share on this blog. I will continue to interview my hosts regarding the tour and whatever they may be currently contemplating.