Monday, December 17, 2012

Roman Numerals Kata with Commentary

I recently participated in an awesome Kata Battle at 8th Light against the worthy adversary, Craig Demyanovitch. The kata was the wonderful Roman Numerals Kata, converting arabic numbers to their roman numeral equivalent.

While practicing the kata, I noticed a lot of interesting things around the decisions I made in the solution. So, I thought I would record a katacast and lay over some voice commentary around it.

I'm putting two videos here, with and without commentary.

Here is the kata WITH commentary. It runs about 16 minutes and 40 seconds, so it isn't too bad to watch. I'd love to hear any constructive feedback in the comments. Version with no commentary is at the bottom of this post. I'd highly recommend watching it full-screen, so you can actually see it.


Here it is with no commentary, if you just want to see me run through it at a reasonable speed.