Thursday, December 18, 2008

Some Links

I've got some more videos to put up, but I have a little bit of editing left to do on them, so expect a couple tomorrow, including great talks with Jonathan Branam and Craig Muth. I have interviews with Joe O'Brien and Jonathan Distad coming, as well. I'm currently in Cincinnati, so expect some future videos with Chris Nelson and Jim Weirich.

In the meantime, here's a couple links:

I was really honored to be contacted by Mike Bria of InfoQ with some questions; he was planning on writing an article about the tour. I responded with some thoughts, and he wrote a fantastic write-up that really captures a lot of the meaning behind the tour. Definitely go read it. Anything I say about InfoQ at this point will sound like I'm just saying it after the fact, but I can sincerely say that it is one of the only email newsletters that I still subscribe to and regularly follow the links in. If you would be so kind, please digg it.

Chris Cyvas is an old friend of mine from many jobs ago. We've bounced in and out of each other's lives every few years, usually running into each through strange connections. He's been following the tour and was inspired to take action on pairing while developing the new version of his application. He wrote up a nice blog post about his thoughts on pairing, as well as an offer to pair with people on it. Check it out!

Andy Maleh is a member of Obtiva, as well as the developer of the Glimmer UI framework. He was there while I paired with some Joseph Leddy and Turner King there and took some pictures. Here's a blog post with a couple pictures.

Mark Needham wrote a great blog post about pairing. While he mentions my tour, it isn't specifically about it. Instead, it is a collection of thoughts on guidance for being productive while pairing. Definitely a good read.