Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sponsor - Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden was entirely the reason that I was able to make it down to Florida on tour. A short time before Acts As Conference, he contacted me about coming down and doing some "How I Got Started In Programming" interviews. After talking to him briefly, I mentioned that I would be interested in turning it into a 2-week tour, as well. He did a fantastic job of finding a few people who were willing to cover my travel expenses, as well as some incidentals while I was down there. Not only did he find sponsors, contribute to the expenses, but he also hosted me for 2 days, where I got to pair with Matt Williams for an afternoon, as well as a full day with Anthony. I captured some of his thoughts in a journeyman tour video, which I posted a little while ago.

I want to say how much I appreciate people like Anthony. Without community support from people like him, the ideas behind journeyman tours, as well as Software Craftsmanship in general, would have a much more difficult getting out there. So, thanks, Anthony!