Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Talk with Anthony Eden

Anthony Eden (blog) has played a very important part in my Florida tour. Not only was he the third stop, but he also was both the primary organizer of the tour and a major sponsor. He contacted me a couple weeks ago to come down to Acts As Conference to record people for the "How I Got Started In Programming" interviews. After talking a bit with him, it became clear that it would be possible to not just come down for the conference, but also spend two weeks pairing with people down here. I spent 2 days with Anthony, pairing with both him and Matt Williams.

Anthony works for a small company that is developing the chi.mp website. This is a very interesting take on aggregating your digital life and brand into a single place. The company is a domain registrar for the .mp domain, which means that you, when you sign up, you are given your own domain (mine is coreyhaines.mp) that you use as a main window to the rest of your digital life (facebook, twitter, rss feeds, etc). The really cool thing about chi.mp is that, unlike some of the other aggregators, this is intended to combine everything about you, not about the people in your community.

I'll be posting another entry regarding his sponsorship and coordination efforts, but I want to take a moment to really express my gratitude to Anthony. He got in touch with the conference, as well as a couple other people who put their resources together to bring me down here. So, thanks a lot, Anthony, it is through the belief and support of people like you that this idea is really able to survive.

Anthony has seen a lot of startups come and go, and he has fantastic insight into some of the reasons why they fail. He definitely cares about writing a great system, and we talked about the ideals present there both on and off video. This video contains some very great thoughts on the subjects.


Talk with Anthony Eden from Corey Haines on Vimeo.