Friday, February 13, 2009

Talk with Greg Pederson

My second host on the Florida tour was Greg Pederson. He is an independent software developer (NSight Development) in Orlando, doing Ruby on Rails. He has an interesting story, because he spent about 10 years doing support for cell networks before moving over into software development a few years ago. I had a great time working with him, and we had a great conversation about what it is like to move from one area of the technology world to another: what is common and what is different.

Greg had contacted me about a month ago to possibly come down to Florida and work with everyone down there, but I didn't have a good way down, yet. Once the avenues opened up, I made sure to contact him again. I'm glad I did, as we had a really fun time doing some refactoring. As people who know me have heard, I consider refactoring the reward for actually writing production code. :) I only spent one day with Greg, but I know that I got a bunch out of working and talking to him; I like to think he did, too. :)


Talk with Greg Pederson from Corey Haines on Vimeo.